First gallery of the New Year. I had, like many others, hoped we wouldn’t still be posting work in this way.

This is our 11th month of Isolation Galleries and I’m amazed at the amount of work being submitted and very grateful to all those sending in their images.

We have no further news as to when we can begin meeting again. Let’s hope, with the injection programme being rolled out, it will be sooner than we envisage.

Until then, enjoy the works exhibited here.


‘Double Trouble’. sandra Riley

‘Cannock Town Centre’. Cynthia Hough

Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel, Simon Tew.

‘End of a Covid Year!’ Pam Renhard

Jenine Williams

‘Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Birchills.’ Cynthia Hough.

‘Labrador’. SimonTew

‘Totem with Plank and Two Moons’. Andrew Bradely.

‘Punk Flame thrower Lamp’. Neil Wigley.

‘I’ll Sleep Anywhere’. Sandra Riley

Ikks, a Romanian Rescue Dog’. Carol Watts

‘Seasonal card’. Andrew Bradley.

‘Fox red Labrador’. Simon Tew.

Karen Joyce.

Barbara Terry

‘Malcolm’. Pat Ryan


‘Pots, Pears and Pineapple’. Elizabeth Whitehouse

‘Tiger Cub’. Sandra Riley.

Carol Shockett.

Stuart Shockett.

A Story of a life.
Work / Warmth / Wealth
We work to keep warm, the excess is our wealth. Andrew Bradley.

‘Newcastle Under Lyme’. Cynthia Hough

‘Keith’. Pat Ryan.

‘Poppy, Charlie and Tilly’. Carol Watts

‘Robyn’. Carol Watts

Barbara Terry

‘Village Fete’. Pat Ryan.

‘Belle’. Carol Watts

Karen Joyce.

‘Kicking up a Storm’. Simon Tew.