Gallery for May 2021

Another month gone and still no news about meetings starting up again, sorry.

We have a ZOOM committee meeting next week so maybe I’ll be able to  relay some positive news after that.


Our exhibition, ‘A New Beginning’ is now open at the Granary Gallery, Weston Park, until 30th June. There is free entry to the gallery.

We spent eight hours last Friday hanging/displaying the works of the 24 entrants. Hard work but worth it. We’ve already been complimented on

the standard and diversity of the work, so well done to all those who stuck with us through the delays and cancellations.

Restrictions are preventing a Private Viewing but a painting day is planned  for 27th June in the grounds of Weston Park. It’s hoped that many of you will join in with it.

We had a very enjoyable day the last time we painted there, two years ago.


We have a limited monthly exhibition for May, probably because the daily facebook gallery has halted. Thank you to everyone who’s sent in pics..