John Shakespeare demonstrates on Thursday 12th March 2020.

John Shakespeare, Thursday 12th march at St Martin’s Church Hall, 7.30pm.

Having looked at John’s website I think we are in for an exceptional evening on Thursday of this week.

I’ve taken this information from his site.

‘I went to Birmingham College of Art and Design 1963-68 and emerged with a Dip AD in Graphic Design.

Following that I taught for 16 years, at the same time producing freelance graphic design and a trickle of paintings and drawings. I returned to college (Birmingham Polytechnic) in 1984 and gained an MA in Graphic Design. After a ten-year stint in Walsall LEA’s advisory service I went free-lance, adding work as a trainer and examiner for BTEC/Edexcel to my portfolio. In the mean time I began to paint again.

I was elected an Associate of the RBSA in April 2008, and the as a full Member in April2008.’




To see more of John’s work visit,