Artists of The Future at Fibbersley Park Academy

Artists of The Future

Just before Christmas Babs Withers and myself, as representatives of Walsall Society of Artists, went back to Fibbersley Park Academy to award prizes to the winners of their Art Competition. We chose prizes that we hoped would continue to encourage their interest in drawing and painting.

Babs and I thoroughly enjoyed the two special assemblies that had been arranged for the prize giving. It was good to see parents/guardians and relatives there to watch the prizes being awarded.


In some schools, little time is given over to art due to timetable and budget constraints, that’s why it was so good to visit Fibbersley and see the importance they place on the subject.

Every child’s art work was on display throughout the school — on walls, tables, cupboards and even hanging from washing lines criss-crossing the classrooms. The children couldn’t help but feel their efforts were appreciated.