Welcome to our September Gallery.

As you will see we have a range of talented artists in our Society. I do appreciate them taking the time to send in the photographs of their works and  allowing me to exhibit them on this site and on our facebook page.

I already have some excellent works submitted for the October Gallery but I could always do with more. Send photographs (jpegs) to me at

Exhibiting the works in this manner has generated many enquiries about our Society and has, in fact, inspired several of our ‘viewers’ to become new members.

I think I have mentioned previously that any membership fees paid this year, 2020, will automatically be carried over to next year. Membership forms for 2021

will only be sent out to registered members who did not get round to paying their £20 this year and to those wishing to become new members.



Terry Dutton

Wall Mural, Jenine Neenie 

‘Knights Templar’, Carol Watts

‘Missy’, Simon Tew

‘Safe with Mamma’, Susan Price.

‘Milly’, Pat Ryan.

Terry Dutton

‘Gailey Church’, Carol Watts

‘Calla Lilies’, Elizabeth Whitehouse

‘Abstract’ Elizabeth Whitehouse

3D work. Col Bird

‘Gardener’s Delight’, Pam Renhard

‘Reflection of a Rose’, Carol Shockett

‘Nasturtiums’, Elizabeth Whitehouse.

‘Ravenseat Farm’, David Wilkes

‘Old Birmingham’, Ken Millward

‘Halloween Approaches’, Barbara Terry

‘Boxer’, Carol Watts

‘Bewdley Market’ Pat Ryan


 One of our members, Dave Wilkes, is wanting to sell his drawing board/giant easel, 4×3 foot fully adjustable with parallel motion mechanism for around £75 (would cost around £2000 new if you could get one).
Anyone interested let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Dave.

Hope the burgeoning Autumn colours  inspire  you your creativity.