Cannot believe June begins tomorrow, half way through the year!!!!


We’ve had some wonderful art works sent in for May’s  facebook page and this gallery.

Thank you everyone for taking the trouble to email your works. It’s been good to see non members taking part.

Hopefully they’ll all become members when we get going again.


It would be good to get some feedback about the gallery on our facebook page.



‘Stetton House’, Ken Gosling

‘The Curio Shop’, Hazel Lea

‘Biggin Dale’, Sandra Gould.

‘My Cousins House’, Carol Watts

Bird Feeders by Stuart Burn

Fred Mason

‘ Distance’, Steve Woodhams.

Rashmi Guruprasad

‘Luther’, Simon Tew

Dave Wilkes

Elizabeth Whitehouse

Hilary Skidmore

Rakesh Rehan

‘Ballet Dancers’, Martin Carty

‘I said, walk in Jockeys’, John Griffiths


‘Clarice Cliff tea pot and Courgette plant’, Elizabeth Whitehouse


Ann Hackett


‘Louise and Edward’, Ken Millward

Hilary Skidmore


Carol Watts

‘Landscape’, Dave Wilkes

‘Tony The Tiger’, Margaret Jennings

‘One Man and His Dog’, Martin Carty

‘Queen Takes Bishop’, Steve Woodhams

‘Peacock’, Sue Wood

‘Top Lock’, Carol Shockett

‘Un-named’, Steve Woodhams

Hazel Lea

‘Washday Blues’, Wendy Ford

‘Time’, Steve Woodhams

‘No 3’, Steve Woodhams

3D tile by Christine Lockley

‘Loch Dunvegan’, Margaret Jennings

‘Springer Awaiting Orders’, Simon Tew

‘Rankin’, Steve Woodhams