July’s Isolation Gallery.

Unbelievable to think it’s August and we’re five months into our ‘Isolation Gallery’.


The amount, and the standard of work, that’s been sent in shows the enduring talent and creativity

of the group that is Walsall Society of Artists.  THANK  YOU.


With venues opening up again and then new lockdowns being put in place and guidelines changing almost daily

I still can’t give any information about the society meeting up this year, sorry.


With three exhibitions ‘planned’ for next year we need you to be still painting, drawing, sculpting, potting etc..

We need to see lots of new, fresh pieces of work and I need to have more works sent in for the facebook page, PLEASE.


Hope you enjoy looking at the works that have made up our Isolation Gallery for July.



‘Koala’ G. Sanderson

Elizabeth Whithouse


David McGuire


‘Willie, Man Of Staithes’. Pam Renhard

Pam Renhard

Pam Renhard



‘Dales’. Clive Sayer

‘Mono’. David McGuire.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                             James Walker

‘Double Trouble’. Jennine Neenie


‘Parsons Terrier Pup’. Simon Tew


James Walker.                                                                                                 


‘Canwell’. Clive Sayer



‘Grandad, fisherman’. Elizabeth Whitehouse.


James Walker


James Walker

‘Reflections’. James Walker






James Walker



‘Cafe’. Clive Sayer


‘Steampunk Sea Monster’. Neil Wigley

Elizabeth Whitehouse

‘At Weston Park’. Elizabeth Whitehouse

Martin Carty

‘Gardener’s Delight’. Pam Renhard

‘Victoria’s Coffee Shop’. Hazel Lea.


Rakesh Rehan.

‘Marlon’. Ken Millward

James Walker


‘Paper Lampshades’. Elizabeth Whitehouse

‘Canopy’. Digital art by Peter Walton

‘Youreavina larf’. Digital. Peter Walton