Friday 28th May 2021

Been looking forward to this day for many, many months. We’d already seen two proposed dates cancelled due to the pandemic.

(Driving along the A5  at 8am towards Weston in glorious weather it was very tempting to carry on, past the gates, and head for North Wales just to hear and smell the sea.)

In the gallery at 8.30 we unpacked our own works and sorted out as many hanging wires as we could before the other exhibitors began arriving with their works. It was a bit hectic checking in all the works, making sure the details on each one matched the details submitted and all were suitably framed. We encountered a few snags but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with.

the bare walls were very daunting

With all works delivered by 10.30 we began placing  them around the walls, at ground level, to view them and see which ones could be hung together. Then the hanging could begin with a few neighbouring paintings moved around slightly. It was good that we had the help of two tall friends of the society to help with reaching some of the fitments holding the hanging wires.

Jen, the member who’d created all the jewelry, arrived and set out her display case.

Once we’d hunted out extra wires to cope with all the works the paintings were ‘just’ hung as if to reserve their space. Each painting was then maneuvered into place by adjusting the hanging wires. The spirit level then came out to check each one, wires hanging below were rolled and taped to the backs and labels were place by each piece of work. Elizabeth’s Tea-Bag display case was arranged,  plinths were set out to display the lamps and the browsers were put into place. Last thing to do was set out the cards on the table near the door. It was 4.40pm.

Eight hours and ten minutes, one cup of coffee each, a photo call with The Express and Star and we had WSA’s second exhibition set up at the Granary Gallery. It was looking good.




some adjustments had to be made ( to mine!!!)


friends were a big help

it was hot in there.


last thing to do, set out the cards and go!