August 2020 Isolation Gallery



I’m finding hard to believe that it’s September already and our facebook Isolation Gallery has been showing works daily since March.

Thanks again to all those of you who have submitted works, some of you many times each month, you have all kept the page going.

I’m still including works from non-members because, without their submissions, there wouldn’t be enough images for a whole month.

If you know members who have works to submit but they don’t use fb, submit it for them (with their permission of course).


There is still no sign of meetings resuming this year but we live in hope for 2021. Our Programme Secretary has booked demonstrators

for well into the new year in preparation for  a January start.

If you are a member who paid subs for 2020 that payment will be held over to pay for your 2021 membership.


Enjoy looking at the gallery. Please send comments to our facebook page,

Look out for more fascinating works next month.


Cynthia Hough




Fred Mason

Jenine Williams

Fred Mason

‘The Beck at Staithes’ Barbara Terry

               ‘Ice Cold’ acrylic pour. Pam Renhard

Andy Bradley

‘Jasper’. Carol Shockett

                             Emma King

Andy Bradley

Pat Ryan

Cynthia Hough

Mono print, Elizabeth Whitehouse

Carol Shockett

‘Spats’, Simon Tew

‘Jar of Shells’, Hazel Lea

‘Iron Casting Foundry’, Neil Wigley

Steve Woodhams

‘Reflection’, Jenine Williams

‘Smile’, Jenine Williams

Fred Mason

Emily Hares

‘Kiss Me Quick’, Susan Price

Cynthia Hough

‘Thinking’, Jenine Williams

‘Empty Bucket’, Sandra Riley

Emma King

Steve Woodhams

‘Calm Bull’, mono. Sandra Riley

‘Hollyhocks’, Elizabeth Whitehouse