Well another month of isolation, lockdown, immurement, incarceration, whatever you want to call it, with just a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!!!

I found this sentence on google when looking up ‘lockdown’ synonyms.  ‘But survivors occasionally breached the lockdown and came to the fence to tell their stories, each one astonishing.’and thought it quite appropriate if  the ending was changed to ‘came to the site to show their art works, each one astonishing.’

Thank you all for sharing your astonishing art works.

Carol Shockett

Cynthia Hough                                                                                                                         

  ‘Scottish Waterfall’, David Wilkes.

‘Lake in Pelsall’. Elizabeth Whitehouse

Carol Shockett

‘Evolved Abstract’, Hazel Lea

‘Just outa my head’, Carol Watts

‘Old Walsall’, Cynthia Hough

Emma King.

‘Old Walsall 2’, Cynthia Hough

‘Steam Punk lamp’, Neil Wigley

‘Enchanted Forest’, Jean Walker.

‘Out for a Stroll’, Sandra Riley

‘Fly By Nights’, Simon Tew

Terry Dutton

Emma King

Emma king

Thank you again to all who submitted to this October gallery. I was going to say, hopefully we shall be meeting up in the not too distant future, but I think those hopes have been dashed for this year at least having read this following message from our society chair,
Since your last Newsletter your committee has had another Zoom meeting when we basically had to acknowledge that no decisions about our re starting of meetings could be made. As you know we had hoped that we could commence in January but that now seems pie in the sky and we are probably now looking at Easter at the earliest.
We will of course keep you as updated as we can. If any of you have email addresses that you have not given to us we would be grateful to receive them as that is our quickest method of communicating with you all and also the cheapest!’
If you  have any comments to make about the works shown on this site or, indeed, have photographs of works to submit please send them to :