Programme of Events 2018

Demonstrations are held at 7.30pm at St Martin’s Church Hall, Sutton Road, Walsall

11 January: James Skerrett – China Painting

8 February: A.G.M. Jason Reakes – Digital Painting

8 March: Mike Thompson – Watercolour Landscape

12 April: Angela Gangham – Watercolour & Acrylic

10 May: Jayne Good – Oil

14 June: Carole Baker – Acrylic

12 July: Geoffrey Tristam – Illustrator & Raconteur

9 August: Vic Bearcroft – Pastel Wildlife

13 September: Christine Adams – Flowers in Watercolour

11 October: Ron Law – Watercolour

8 November: Keith Turley – Portrait in Acrylics

December: Annual Exhibition

If you know of any demonstrators fellow society members would enjoy watching please let us know. It’s always good to see new faces.

How about demonstrating yourself? If you would like to share the way you work by demonstrating at the New Gallery Walsall during our annual exhibition, again, let us know. It can be an enjoyable experience. You’ll not be expected to paint/draw by yourself as there will be another member of the society with you. Give it a go!